Tablette café instantané

An innovative and convenient way to grow your coffee market share

instant coffee tablet Eurotab

Product benefits

– Easy to use, no mess

– Practical as « on-the-go » concept

– Precise and regular dosing

– Original look

– No additives






An easy to use, fast dissolving instant coffee tablet, for universal consumption

      1. Drop in your tablets instant coffee tablet Eurotab

      2. Pour hot water
        instant coffee tablet Eurotab

      3. Stir a few seconds
        instant coffee tablet Eurotab

      4. Your coffee is ready!instant coffee tablet Eurotab

A differentiated product offer to attract and retain customers

instant coffee tablet innovations Eurotab

      1. Plain coffee

        Instant coffee tablet cloud

      2. Mixed with sugar
        and milk

        Instant coffee tablet with sugar and milk

      3. Differentiated shapes

        Instant coffee tablet cloud shape

      4. Differentiated shapes
        coffee bean


      5. Differentiated shapes

        Instant coffee tablet round shapes

A proprietary tabletting technology for a long lasting competitive edge

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